John's Rule (JR)­­­(Aquarian Notation)

From the Oerth Journal Vol.1 #1 May 12, 1995; the Council of Greyhawk

(Aquaria, it's peoples and history were created by Frank Mentzer and was recognized by Gary Gygax as being "The Official" continent west of Oerik, although it is not so recognized by TSR. It is based on the World of Greyhawk campaign setting (TSR)).

This history does not include the reckoning of the Olman peoples and nations native to southern Hepmonaland, nor does it include that events of the fabled continent to the south of Western Oerik (which I have called AnaKeri in this history), nor of any island states or nations or empires which might exist elsewhere on Oerth.

NOTE : All dates include a cross reference to other calendars. This was done to establish the historical relationship to the cultures most connected to the calendar in question and the common year (CY).

All calendars are based on the World of Greyhawk campaign setting (TSR).